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HAL Collection from the laboratory Mondes Américains

Founded in 2006, Mondes Américains (UMR 8168) is a joint Americanist research unit in the humanities and social sciences. Under the supervision of the CNRS, EHESS, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Université Paris Nanterre, the laboratory brings together historians, anthropologists and archaeologists working on all aspects of the Americas. Mondes Américains is characterised by its regional definition: its programmes aim to cover the whole of the Western Hemisphere, from Canada to Chile, without isolating the Americas from the rest of the world. The Americas are thus seen as a laboratory for the social sciences and considered at different levels of analysis - regional, continental, Atlantic or global - from a comparative and cross-disciplinary perspective.

Mondes Américains HAL collection brings together documents (individual and collective works, articles, pre-publications, book chapters, conference proceedings, theses, HDRs, notices) submitted by members of the laboratory, its teams (CENA, CERMA, CRALMI, CRBC, ESNA) and the former MASCIPO. 

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